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NO more Dentures when you receive Teeth-In-One-Day Dental Implants!

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Do you have painful teeth that are failing due to cavities or gum disease? Are dentures that last thing in the world you want? If so, would you believe that you can get permanent dental implant teeth in only one day? Dr. Joseph Yang and Dr. Dan Holtzclaw are the smart choice for dental implants in San Diego and they would like to give you the clear story on how to eliminate the need for dentures with All-On-4 dental implant teeth.

San Diego implant dentists Dr. Dan Holtzclaw and Dr. Joseph Yang can give you PERMANENT new implant teeth in only ONE day using their patented Rapidontics™ technique and Permachoice™ implant bridge. This technique and bridge are industry leading with a proven 100% prosthetic success rate and 99.18% dental implant success rate.

Dr. Holtzclaw and Dr. Yang – San Diego’s Experienced All-on-4 Dental Implant Surgeons

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Dr. Yang and Dr. Holtzclaw are the expert All on 4 teeth in a day dental implant experts in the United States. They specialize in All-in-4 dental implant procedure in San Diego. Why are Dr. Holtzclaw and Dr. Yang the Right Choice for this procedure in San Diego? This procedure can be referred to as “implant dentures, “ but it is clear that it is much more. Both Dentists are board certified by the American Board of Periodontology – Dr. Yang and Dr. Holtzclaw. Dr. Holtzclaw is one of only nine periodontists in the world officially recognized by the American Academy of Periodontology . He is also seen as a Recommended Speaker for Oral Reconstructive Surgery. With 50 peer-reviewed published over research articles and text book chapters on the subject of dental surgery and dental implants and are the only dentists in San Diego that have published research on the All-On-4 dental implant procedure.

You wonder how Dental Implants work. Let me explain

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Yes – they really do work in one day! The Teeth-In-A-Day, All-On-4 dental implant procedure has a documented long term success rate exceeding 99% in multiple published studies. As matter of fact, Dr. Yang and Dr. Holtzclaw recently published one of the largest All-On-4 dental implant studies showing 100% prosthesis success and over 99% dental implant success. Click to see study

All-on-4 Denture Costs versus Denture Costs

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One major problem that many individuals have is using this the cost. The financial expense from false teeth compared with the price from All-on-4 dental implants is very different. You should consider the mental frustration and also inadequate support from false teeth as compared to All-On-4 dental. All-on-4 implants are like having new permanent pearly whites and a perfect smile. While false teeth are more economical in comparison to All-on-4 assisted dental implant pearly whites, false teeth are badly prepared, agonizing, too much maintenance as well as often uncomfortable. False teeth typically detrimentally impact your speech and pronunciation of works. Could have a negative impact on feeling confident about your teeth. All-on-4 oral implants are actually long-lasting and low maintenance. They practically change your smile and confidence in relations to recovering your self-confidence as well as capability to eat foods you love. Our All-on-4 dental implant experts here at San Diego Dental Implant Center have seen first hand the lifestyle transforming results from Al-on-four therapy. If you are a prospect for this technique, please let San Diego Dental Implant Center help you along with the financial expenses. Our company offers lots of loan alternatives to deal with the expenses from All on four dental implants sustained pearly whites.

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