Correcting Your Gummy Smile
By Scripps Ranch Periodontics & Implants
December 10, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Gummy Smile  

Beautiful, healthy teeth are the hallmark of a great smile, but if your gums are prominent, it can leave you feeling less than confident about your grin.

The visibility of excess gum tissue, receding gums, or an uneven gum line can distract from your smile, but a gummy smile can be treated with the help of your periodontist at San Diego Dental Implant Center in San Diego, CA.

Let our talented periodontists correct your gum issues so you feel great about flashing your smile.

What can cosmetic gum surgery fix?

Receding gums

When the gums start to shrink down, it can leave the root of your tooth more visible. This can not only affect the appearance of your teeth but also leave the root of your tooth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks and increase your risk of tooth decay.

Your periodontist at our San Diego office can remedy receding gums by using a grafting procedure, in which gum tissue from one area of the mouth, or donor tissue, is removed and reattached to the area of recession. Your periodontist will administer an anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure, and you will need to stick to soft foods for several days as your mouth heals and the stitches dissolve.

Excess gum tissue

Gum tissue that covers the upper portion of the tooth can make your teeth appear too small or short for your mouth. Your periodontist can use a crown lengthening procedure to remove some of the gum tissue so more of the tooth is visible.

Uneven gum line

You may have gums that appear receded in some places and elongated in others, leading to an unbalanced appearance. Using a dental laser at our San Diego office, your periodontist can sculpt your gum tissue and seal it closed to even out your gum line and improve the appearance of your smile.

If you are unhappy with your gum line, make an appointment with your periodontist Dr. Joseph Yang at our San Diego, CA office today by calling (858) 578-2205.